For better and worse, science is a social activity, and I have had the pleasure interacting and working with a great many talented and wonderful people, including

My PhD advisor

Prof. Joanna Aizenberg,

Harvard University

My unofficial PhD mentor

Prof. Jaakko Timonen,

Aalto University

  • Prof. Michael Brenner, Harvard University

  • Prof. Xi Yao, City University of Hong Kong

  • Prof. Tak-Sing Wong, Penn State University

  • Prof. Kyoo-Chul Park, Northwestern University

and many others, such as


The list goes on.


I have also supervised several undergraduate and junior graduate students for research, more often than not resulting in publications in good journals:

  • Ruoping Li, University of Waterloo (Undergraduate)

  • Seneca J. Velling, University of Waterloo (Undergraduate)

  • Adam Tetreault, University of Waterloo (Undergraduate)

  • Pavida Charoen-Rajapark, Harvard University (Graduate)

  • Baptiste Lemaire, Harvard University (Graduate)

If you are interested in internship (Bachelor/Master)  at IMRE, please feel free to contact me. Scholarships are available.

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